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In 2000, Essayland was launched as the ultimate source essay resource site for students for the next millennium.  From day one, we offered thousands of essays for free download, and since then, we have been continually updating and adding even more essays so that we could be the best resource site for students.  Essayland is the perfect solution for companies and advertising agencies who want to target their advertising campaign towards students.  Through extensive advertising, word of mouth, and selective partnerships, our traffic is constantly increasing.  With many flexible advertising packages, there is surely one that can fit your budget.  Welcome to the Land of Essays and lets do business.



Banner & Specifications:

Any size banner up to 468x60 is positioned at the top and bottom of each page throughout the site.  Your banner will be placed in rotation and will be randomly displayed.  You may submit up  to 5 different banners to be rotated. The alt text and text on the bottom of the banners cannot exceed 70 characters. All banners will be hosted on our server to ensure the fastest loading times unless you insist otherwise.  Banners maybe be in JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF formats, and should not exceed 10Kb in size.


Impressions CPM* Total Price
10,000 $6.00 $60.00
20,000 $5.50 $110.00
50,000 $5.00 $250.00
100,000 $4.50 $450.00
250,000 $4.00 $1000.00
Other impression amounts are negotiable**
* CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand Impression
** Total price for higher amounts of impressions cannot be lower 
than the highest price listed above


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Button & Specifications:

Buttons of 110x80 in width and height are positioned on the left side of the page on the main page, the links page, the search page, the search results page, and in all the essays.   The advertiser owns the purchased space and no buttons from other advertisers will be allowed in the space during the duration of the ad campaign.  This is the ultimate advertising package.  You can be sure that visitors will see your ad not just once, but countless times as they journey through the Land of Essays.  There are only 4 ad spaces available.  Should all the spaces be filled, you will be placed on a waiting list until a space becomes available.  You may submit 1 banner to be shown in your purchased space.  The alt text cannot exceed 70 characters.  All buttons will be hosted on our server to ensure the fastest loading times unless you insist otherwise.  Buttons maybe be in JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF formats, and should not exceed 6Kb in size.


Buttons are sold on a quarterly basis and include unlimited impressions
Term Price
3 months $200
Currently 3 of the 4 spaces are available

Custom Advertising Opportunities

If you cannot find an advertising package that suits your needs, or if you are interested a discount for combining several of the above packages together,  Essayland welcomes your ideas and can build you a custom campaign.  Feel free to contact us if you would like us to build you a custom package.


Essayland provides advertisers with real-time statistics so that they can see how effective their campaigns are.  All advertisers are provided with a login name and password to view their statistics. You can access your reports any time you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 (366 in leap years) days a year.  You will be able to view total and daily impressions, total and daily clicks, clickthrough percentage, and much more.


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All prices are US dollars
All payments must be paid 100% up front
An additional $12 will be added to price for our bank's service fee for wire transfers


If you would like to advertise on the Essayland network or if you just want more info, please click on the Advertising link below and fill out the form.  We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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